Many impoverished children in rural Cambodia don’t have access to crucial items needed to attend primary school–uniforms and school supplies. The Ponheary Ly Foundation provides these “school bundles” to children who would otherwise not be going to school.
Once all the children from a village are present at their public school and properly equipped, the PLF supports the school to provide a quality of education that is equal to that which is accessible in the urban communities.

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Update on Tchey Sports Program

By Jamie Stafford

2014 was my 7th year coming back to Cambodia and volunteering at the PLF. Although it was a short visit, much was packed in, as always, and I came away yearning for a longer visit next summer. (more…)

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The Delight that is Summer School at Knar

By Jacqui Rawson

There is no squeal of delight as the school year comes to an end here in Cambodia.  Instead, of the 400 students at Knar school, about 120 arrived well ahead of start time on the first day of summer school and they keep turning up every day as summer progresses.

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Caroline & Katie Volunteer Report

PLF was excited to have the Stafford family with us again this summer. Here is Caroline and Katie’s report on their loom bracelet project.


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Koh Ker Treks, Focused on Developing to Succeed.

By Jacqui Rawson

Koh Ker Treks is a recently established tourism enterprise set up for graduates of the Srayang dormitory in Koh Ker by the Ponheary Ly Foundation.  (more…)

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Globalteer Games – a Mini Olympics-Type Sporting Event

By Jacqui Rawson

PLF students joined a group of over 700 students from around Siem Reap who took part in this junior, mini olympics-type event over the weekend.  Run for the second year in a row, it was another resounding success because once again, the students had an absolute ball! (more…)