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How Many Students This Year?

9 September 2009

It takes a few weeks to gather up all the newest members of the student body; the kindergarten and first grade classes particularly. This year there were 224 of these “latecomers”. We got them all enrolled and equipped and now we have the final numbers on the total students sponsored by the PLF this year.

Total by GradeTotal by School
Preschool430Knar Primary420
Grade 1298Knar Alumni in Secondary84
Grade 2257Koh Ker Primary197
Grade 3242Koh Ker Alumni in Secondary4
Grade 4218Tchey Primary545
Grade 5170Tchey Alumni in Secondary84
Grade 6163Wat Bo Primary616
  Total Primary1778Wat Bo Alumni in Secondary122
Grade 7139
Grade 8100
Grade 931
Grade 1018
Grade 116
  Total Secondary294

We send the deepest thanks to you from all these bright and ambitious students. It costs approximately $20 a year to provide uniforms and supplies for the school year. These distributions are made during the first week of school and again mid-year.

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