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Easy Ways You Can Fundraise for Ponheary Ly Foundation

16 November 2012

By Gillian White

We know our donors can only give so much. But, we also know many of you have large networks of family, friends, and co-workers who may be interested in helping boost and expand PLF projects.  Check out these fundraising ideas that anyone can do wherever they are in the world.

Have you ever considered hosting a fundraising/awareness-raising event for PLF? Not only would you get to showcase your involvement with us, but you’d let others know of the value of education in Cambodia and what PLF is doing to create educational and career opportunities for the poor.

Have you ever thought of:

-Hosting a dinner party where you cook the noodles that we make at Koh Ker? Or cook Khmer speciality dishes such as loklak, amok, spring rolls, etc? Or host a Khmer cuisine cooking class?

-Hosting a reading group/book discussion on one of the books related to the Cambodian genocide? How about First They Killed my Father or others?

-Hosting a storytelling event, where you can share some of the stories of our special students and their overcoming the odds to get to where they are today?

-Hosting a photo exhibit to showcase the photos that you took while over here, or asking us for some photos of PLF’s work? We can even email you lots of pictures of student’s artwork that you could showcase. How about showcasing their artwork on your Facebook?

-Hosting a film screening of one of many films on Cambodia’s history and the genocidal period?

-Hosting a Cambodian themed party with traditional food, attempts to apsara dance, etc?

If you can’t be back in Cambodia with us, relive a bit of Cambodia wherever you are and share your experience and stories with your friends and family. Or, if you’re ambitious, host a public event in your city. Take people out of their context, and help them grasp their opportunities relative to many Cambodians.

Know of a corporate donor, philanthropic or grant-giving organization that might be interested in donating to or funding PLF? Know of a film competition that PLF students could enter into? Let us know! We’re always looking for new partnerships and new challenges.

Check out our fundraising page for more ideas.

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