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PLF Current Sponsorship Needs

2 December 2012

By Travis Thompson

Ponheary Ly Foundation works with many students who have specific needs in their day-to-day lives. Thanks to our donors, we’re able to meet most of these needs.  But, this list shows students and teachers who are still waiting for donor support.

Currently, two of our best teachers at Knar School need donor support for university studies or they’ll lose their jobs:


Chorn Rina is the Vice Principal as well as one of the best teachers at Knar Primary School. She finished grade 12 then went on to finish a two-year course in a provincial teacher training college.

Chorn needs $200 per year so that she can attend university and earn a four-year degree while she also fulfills her duties at Knar. This is crucial because the government will soon be requiring all teachers in Cambodia to hold or be working toward a basic college degree. If Chorn doesn't finish university, she will be let go from Knar School.

Total need: $800 for four years of university.

Cheas Mom is a grade two and three teacher at Knar Primary School. She's one of the best teachers on the Knar staff. Following a new law that will soon go into effect in Cambodia, Cheas needs to complete a university degree. If she doesn't, the school will lose a very valuable member.

She'll need $200 per year to study at university for four years.

Total need: $800 for four years of university.

Currently this student needs donor support to stay in school for grades 10 to 12: SPONSORED!

Name: Sieng Maly

Grade: 10

School: Angkor High School

Cost for three-year scholarship: $1,290

The PLF also has the following special needs cases that are in dire need of donor sponsorship:

1.)  An 11th grade boy is living on his own to attend high school in Siem Reap.  He receives no help from his family.  He needs $40 a month to eat. SPONSORED!

2.) Another 11th grade boy is living on his own to attend high school in Siem Reap. He has adequate shelter but no money for food and no support from his family. He needs $40 a month for food. SPONSORED!

3.)  A student studying in her first year of university in Siem Reap is being supported by PLF to attend classes, but she has no money for living.  She lives in a dormitory but needs $40 per month for food. SPONSORED!

4.)  Two young women are studying at university in Phnom Penh on government scholarships.  However, the scholarships don’t cover living expenses.  Each woman needs $70 per month to eat and to pay rent.

5.)  A  PLF student who finished high school needs his living expenses covered while he attends university in Siem Reap.  He’s living at a construction site now, making a very small wage.  Help with money for food and a place to live is necessary, totaling $60 per month.

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