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STUDENT BLOG: Salary Not Equal the Life

27 October 2013

By Nary Chun

In my village, most people have many problems with the economics of their family. For example, the salary of working and the spending every day is not equal for them, which makes those families faced with  less food to support themselves.



It also affects to their health, education, and work. For my family my parents are farmers, so we have a difficult time to afford our family. Because we need some equipment and clothing, food, and other materials, but the cost of those items are too much expensive that my family cannot get it.

Local shop

Local shop

Basic needs of people are very important. For the real life is the material for study, clothes, food, transportation, and groceries have a high cost. However, we also have the lucky that have many kind people in our country and other countries support us such as material for study and transportation or other things.

Most poor family in my village, who send their children to study so lucky that our school is supported for the poor student. I am also supported by the foundation too called Ponheary Ly Foundation since I was in kindergarten in Chey School.

Bikes for Secondary student

Bikes for Secondary student


This foundation still supports me on my extra study, foreign language, and computer even though I am in high school. It’s cannot help for all but it is a big part of my family and my own life. I am so happy that I support by this foundation. In this few years this foundation become bigger and bigger also support more and more student. I hope that it becomes better and the students that are supported by the foundation should try hard about study.



Nary Chun, 16, studies in grade 10 in Siem Reap Province. Her favorite subjects are biology and science. She has studied computers at the Ponheary Ly Foundation Tchey school lab since 2008 and began taking PLF-sponsored Global Citizen Media classes in 2011. She enjoys learning English and especially writing blogposts. Her favorite project so far was her video “Sunflowers of Srayang”.

  • Lucy

    You express your thoughts very well. I am so happy that you are able to be a part of the Ponheary Ly team!

  • Lori Carlson

    Nary you are a very good example for the younger girls around you, they see that you work hard for your education and then maybe they think they can do the same. Thank you for your leadership~!