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What You Made Possible in 2013

4 January 2014

In Ponheary Ly Foundation’s biggest year yet, you allowed us to reach our students in ways we never imagined before.  Thank you, yes we mean YOU, for all you did last year.  Here are some of the ways you changed our students’ world in 2013.

New Food Programs Launched

Breakfast and lunch projects at both Knar and Koh Ker Primary Schools were expanded, including daily breakfast at Knar with meat and vegetables, and more regularly-scheduled lunches at Koh Ker. Thank you to Eyes Open and Andrew Tuck for leading the way.

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Knar Primary's Turnaround

PLF launched new library programs at Knar including computers, games, and arts and crafts. In addition, a new first-aid station was built and classrooms underwent a makeover.

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More Than 50 New Scholarship Students Funded

We put a plea for scholarship sponsors on our website in the form of student bio videos. It was a time of huge growth for the scholarship program and you responded quickly, funding all of our new students.

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Student Technology Expanded

Throughout 2013, you allowed PLF to put in new computers at the Tchey technology lab, move computers to Knar Primary for the first time, and improve and expand Srayang Dorm's technology lab. A new computer school is now under construction at Srayang Dorm, thanks to PLF Canada.

Read a blog post from a PLF grad who's now one of our tech teachers.
Srayang Dorm Grads Find Success

PLF's first group of nine students graduated from Srayang High School in 2013. With your support, they went on to do things like attend cooking school, beauty school and computer training school. Two of them started a trekking company in Koh Ker. Three of the grads were trained to be teachers and placed at PLF's Koh Ker Primary School--the first grads from that school to teach in their home village.
Read about one student who was chosen for an exclusive cooking school in Siem Reap.
PLF Advocates Fundraise in Creative Ways

In 2013, we saw PLF supporters get really creative with fundraising. Among many things, one person played the violin on the streets of his home city to raise funds, another collected used goods to turn in for cash, and one rode a bicycle thousands of miles across an entire country to raise some serious money.

Check out this supporter's bike across the United States!
PLF Australia and Canada Back Big Projects

Ponheary Ly Foundation Australia was busy at Knar school during all 2013 helping improve the school in every way. And, our Aussie supporters hosted big events Down Under to raise funds as well. Ponheary Ly Foundation Canada continued the big work of running Srayang Dorm, even gaining funding for construction of a new computer school at the dorm.

Visit Ponheary Ly Foundation Canada.
Visit Ponheary Ly Foundation Australia.
PLF Student Media Debuts New Documentary

PLF Media students wrote, produced, and edited a new documentary, "Sunflowers of Srayang", detailing the story of students from war and poverty to school graduation in one of Cambodia's most impoverished and violent areas, an area where PLF works.

See the documentary here.
Mobile Science Lab Goes Micro

You enabled PLF's mobile science lab to take interesting and useful experiments into our classrooms, like the one where teachers connected a microscope to a computer and showed students what was in their water.

See the students react to what they saw in their water.
Political Unrest and Flooding Tested Our Patience

It was a rough year in Cambodia's politics and weather, and it affected our students and schools. Thank you for remaining patient with us as we continued to move forward with your strength powering us.

Read more about how unrest and flooding challenged us.
Volunteers Close and Far Pushed Us Forward

Whether you were in the United States or Australia spreading the word about PLF in your home community, or on the ground with us in the Cambodian countryside, you kept us inspired and moving forward this year, PLF's biggest year yet. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And, a special thanks to Torsten Tabel for living most of the year, as he continues to do, at Srayang Dorm.

Read one student's report on PLF's first spelling bee, organized by a volunteer.

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