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University & Vocational Training Scholarships

31 March 2014

With the help of a group of dedicated donors, we are currently funding 36 university students and 4 students in vocational training. They are paving the way for Cambodia’s future and they know it. 

Their studies range from medical school to Khmer language studies in university all the way to motorbike mechanics and chef training in vocational school. For PLF students who earned a scholarship from the government but cannot afford the living costs of the big city, we provide support in the form of a monthly stipend for living costs so that students can reach their fullest academic potential.

Moving forward, PLF will continue with this program as funding and opportunities become available, but future funding for PLF Grade 12 grads to go to university and vocational training is greatly needed.  If you’d like to help, please consider making a donation and designating it towards “tertiary scholarships”!


A huge thank you to the community that makes this fund possible:

Jan Wheaton  -  Parin Kothari  -  PLF Canada  -  Kerrie Meehan  -  Karen Weaver

Dawn and Kevin Clayton  -  Jane Dinnison  -  Mads Englestoft  -  PACTICS  -  Claire Atwood

Will Strong  -  Chris McCormack Cambodian Children’s Fund  -  Jan & Mimi Depuydt

Shanthi Subramanyam  -  Peter Brennan  -  Gail Kalinich  -  Nico Potterat

Dan & Trisha Curtin  -  Alma Hayes  -  R. Roth  - David & Sarah Waingarten

Carey Baptist Grammar School  -  Rapidan Foundation  -  Tammy & Hank Britton


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