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Fundraiser in Singapore

3 October 2014

By Jacqui Rawson

Support for PLF comes in many forms; volunteering, teaching, donations, supply of materials and, this support comes from many different countries around the world. There are a steadfast husband and wife team, Seng Hock Lee and his wife Bee Leh, quietly working away behind the scenes in Singapore. They have been providing funds to PLF since Bee Leh came to Siem Reap as part of a tour group and visited one of our schools through our Help for A Day program.

Mr Seng Hok Lee

Mr Seng Hok Lee

They work tirelessly, leaving flyers at apartment buildings around Singapore asking for donations from residents to help out PLF’s students.  PLF is very thankful that there appears to be some pretty generous residents in these apartment blocks!

Mrs Bee Leh Lee

Mrs Bee Leh Lee

Seng Hock and Bee Leh run our only formal, registered and legal fundraiser in Singapore, so Singaporeans, beware of copycats, but if you see any of Seng Hock and Bee Leh’s fundraising flyers like the image below please feel safe in the knowledge that your donations are coming directly to support PLF and our students.

Please note there is only one contact number currently: 

Ph: 85117584 

They can get very busy so please be patient in trying to reach them.  It is better to send a text message which they will respond to in the evening’s.

Fake flyer?

Singapore premit letter

Jacqui Rawson

Jacqui Rawson

Operations Director at Ponheary Ly Foundation
Originally from New Zealand, Jacqui has been in her role withPLF since June 2014.Prior to this she has worked in; Vietnam teaching English,Phnom Penh managing a vocational training school and in Australia in a financial corporation, in the projects sector.
Jacqui Rawson

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  • Valerie Loh

    I’d received the fundraising flyer with different hp number. Collection date on 25/11/14 at woodlands area. Please confirm !!

  • Benedict Soriano

    I too have received a flyer with a different hp number. The collection date is 25/11/14. Please let us know if this is officially your organization.

  • MJ

    Hi. I received a flyer from Bee Leh but with a different number. Any idea what is their hp number? Please share asap. Collection 29/12/14 Monday

  • John Low

    Hi, I received the flyer too… How did you guys managed to verify if it’s from them? Thanks.

  • WC

    To all Singaporeans here – I did a quick Google Search on Bee Leh’s hp listed on the flyer (one that’s different from the one here) and it led to a forum with the number as a contact for a karung guni man? http://www.punggol.org/forum/index.php?topic=9889.50;wap2

    I hope it is not what I think it is but I would prefer to be on the safe side with the foundation confirming that both phone numbers belong to the person/s pictured above, and that it’s not someone else masquerading as them.

  • Dino

    Hi, fyi, such donation drives must be registered with Singapore Police as it is illegal to do a public donation drive without first obtaining license from the Singapore Police. Please remind the two of your ‘collectors’ with regards. Fyi, i have already lodge a Police Report on your entity. To prevent any form of scams, it is your organisation’s responsibility to be registered as charity organ before conducting such practice of donation drive in Singapore.

  • admin

    Hallo all, my name is Jacqui Rawson and I am the Operations Director at Ponheary Ly Foundation, Siem Reap, Cambodia. As per this blog, Mr and Mrs Lee are collecting belongings from estates in Singapore to raise donations for our organisation. They are legally registered to fundraise on our behalf in Singapore. They now have two phone numbers they are using: 90931180 & 85117584. Thanks for your desire to assist us and the students to have an education.

  • K2

    I once encountered an incident where I left my stuff for charitable organisation to pick-up, but they were almost picked up by garang-guni. Fortunately, I saw a figure and rushed to the door to let him know that the stuff were not for him.

  • Lori Carlson

    Thank you all for being wanting to help and being concerned that your donation is going to who it should be. The flyer’s you have received from Mr and Mrs Leh are genuine and they are working hard to get to everyone as quickly as possible for collection. They are only two people so understandable, at this time of the year they are very busy. They do have two mobile numbers but have been getting sometimes over 50 calls and text messages a day so please be patient if they don’t get back to you straight away. Their phone numbers are: 90931180 & 85117584.

    Thanks for your keenness to help support the children of Cambodia to receive an education.

    This is an email we received from someone who has had positive dealings with Mr & Mrs Leh:

    I am a resident from Yishun , Singapore , I have some compliments about this group of helpful volunteers. The first time I received the flyer , “Charity Drive for the Children of Cambodia” , I made a call to Bee Leh , the person in charge , when I had a conversation with her , I felt that Bee Leh was a really kind person who is eager to help out these children . I really like this organisation . When they came to collect our items , the volunteers were really appreciative and have a sense of responsibility . Sometimes , items that they weren’t supposed to collect they helped us cleared them off . The volunteers were very well-mannered and they kept saying thank you to us when we gave them items . There was an occasion where I forgot to put out a few bags of item and I made a call to Bee Leh , to have my items collected. They came at around 9PM , at such a late timing to collect our items . I felt embarrassed that they had to come over to collect our items even at a late timing . It gave me the feeling that they ARE a really responsible group of people who will sacrifice their time just to collect the items . So , I’d like the person who is reading this to support this group of people and have them continue to help the children in Cambodia.

    With Regards ,
    Wilbert Kweh

  • Patrick

    Can I confirmed that this is a private couple helping out in your organization and has not been registered in Singapore as a Charitable or non-profit organization? Cos I do not see any permit on your flyer for collection for the benefits of the under-privileged.

  • Lori Carlson

    Hallo Patrick, thanks for your interest, Mr & Mrs Leh are registered in Singapore to do what they are doing and the funds come directly to our organisation.
    They have also had another gentleman Donny Tan join them to help out.
    I would advise contacting them directly if you require more evidence of registration.
    For more information please read the post I put on here 24th days ago which has some more details.

  • Zerlynn

    I’m touched by the actions as well if only they really do it in a proper channel.. I had checked and found out that the group do not hold a valid license to do the collection in singapore.. which also means their accounts will not be audited and we have no ideals where our funds goes to.. They can donate only a small portion of the funds to help the charity and took the rest of the profit to themselves. . Recently I think the group consists of more and more garang guni uncles whom I’m very sure all won’t work everyday for free. Well.. jus for thoughts.. maybe the charity should take note on this as well? Because it’s against the law for not having a valid license to do the collection.

  • admin

    We are fairly certain that you were not dealing with our group. There have been many imposters. Our friends in Singapore do have a letter from the government allowing their fund-raising and we can confirm that they are sending large sums of money to us every quarter. If you’d like to discuss further, please do email me your concerns. Lori@theplf.org