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Khnar Village Learning Center is Open for Business!

20 June 2017

You may remember our difficult decision to remove our programming from Khnar School in February. Since then it’s been a decisive set of moves forward, finding a way to distance ourselves from all the reasons we made that decision and avoid leaving more than 500 students in the lurch.

On June 11, 2017, we were all very excited today to officially open the new Khnar Village Learning Center.

Knar Learning Center Sign


At the new center, just down the road from the primary school, our teachers will conduct multiple levels of English classes, a Science Lab and Computer courses for students in grades 5-12.

Next month we will resume ukulele and chess clubs for the younger students and resume arts & crafts workshops for grade four.


moms signing up kvlc

Dozens of women signing up for courses at the opening of the center.


We are very pleased with the parents (mostly moms) in the village asking for workshops for them and will begin those this week. The current topics are:

science lab_workshops
Personal Hygiene
Food Hygiene
Environment Hygiene
Alcohol and Drug Awareness
HIV/STI Awareness
Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness
Family Planning/Contraception
Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse
Positive Parenting


We will see how well these workshops go and then find solutions for their second request, which was adding on some adult Khmer literacy classes. We are currently looking for a suitable curriculum and qualified teacher.

In the not-too-distant future, we will also be rolling out a “Village Film Series” in hopes of getting more of the dads involved in adult learning, in a more casual setting.

500 people KVLC opening

500 parents and students from the village attended the opening day ceremonies.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with Khnar Village and finding more inventive ways to engage both the students and the adults.

elders cut ribbon

A grandmother from the village helps to cut the ribbon.

Many thanks to the PLF family for sticking with us through this time of transition at Khnar Village. By putting the kids first, we’ve come out on top and by all indications this venture will be a great success!

Lori Carlson

Lori Carlson

President at PLF
Lori is the President of the PLF and works side by side with Ponheary and the rest of the team to run our projects in Cambodia.
Lori Carlson

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