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Ponheary Ly in the Huffington Post

"You Will Survive" is an article written up in the Huffington Post showing the advice Ponheary gave to her 13 year old self as part of the "Advice to My Thirteen Year Old Self" (The Advice Project)

Check out the Student Blog

Digital Media students from various PLF computer labs want to share their thoughts, documentaries, interviews and photography. Come and join the conversation.
Phnom Penh Post

Story about the Media Students putting on their exhibit at 1961 Gallery in Siem Reap, July 2013
CNN Heroes June 2010

Ponheary Ly was awarded 2010 Heroes Award by CNN in June. Read an in-depth interview of Ponheary and watch the footage shot by the CNN news team at Koh Ker School.
Phnom Penh Post

Newspaper story about the debut of "Sunflowers of Srayang" in the US
PLF Student Documentary: I am One

A film by PLF media student Soy Sen and his team, first place winner at the 2012 Goodtube Film Competition. Click the picture to the right to watch.
PLF Student Documentary: Sunflowers of Srayang

Seventeen-year-old Cambodian and PLF student Reasey and her classmates Chenda and Nary explore the challenges that girls in rural Cambodian face to get an education. They look at the obstacles and solutions to some of these in this short video. Click the image to the right to watch.
PLF Student Produced Documentary Debuts in U.S.

Sunflowers of Srayang, produced by 17-year-old Reasey Mi and her classmates Chenda Sout and Nary Chun, documents the difficulties of being a female high school student in Koh Ker. The Ponheary Ly Foundation is taking the 12-minute film to be shown in New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, Austin, and Los Angeles.

Click here to read the story about this in the Phnom Penh Post newspaper.
Film by Peter Haynes

This promo video was produced in February 2011 and highlights the activities of PLF volunteers in the field. A must-see for anyone thinking about coming to work.
National Geographic Traveller
From the Killing Fields to a Future

Nice write up about Ponheary's life and life's work, by Shelley Seale
UNESCO Conference in Jakarta, December 2011

Ponheary Ly spoke at the 15th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, 6-8 December 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The title of her 30 minute presentation, "School is the Answer", was delivered during the "Inspiring Education: Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Session on December 7th.
Food is the Answer, February 2011
by Alison Segar

Alison and her two children Julian and Willa made the journey to Koh Ker School to provide lunch for the students there. Here is what they learned.
Article in Experimental Travel, February 2011

Austinite Shelley Seale interviews Ponheary in an article for Experimental Travel.
Tchey School Computer Lab, 2009

Ubisoft sponsored the OLPC computer lab at Tchey School, in Siem Reap Province. It's rare to see so many primary school students this quiet and this focused in class.
Bike Donation, 2007

The goal was to raise money to purchase 30 bikes to help children get to school. Generous support raised enough to purchase 70 bikes! This video documents the delivery to graduating 6th graders at Wat Bo, Knar, Tchey and Kong Moeuch Schools.

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