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Tchey School Sign

Tchey Primary School has some 970 students studying in grades K-6. It’s 12km northwest of Siem Reap — about a 20 minute journey one-way by tuk-tuk. PLF’s programs at Tchey include a media and technology lab and tech teachers who have helped students produce documentaries released worldwide, a Microsoft Office course, a library, extra English courses, solar power, bicycles, ukulele, and a secondary school scholarship program.




Koh Ker School SignKoh Ker Primary School is in rural Preah Vihear Province near the ancient temple complex of Koh Ker. The school is in one the areas hit hardest by decades of conflict. When PLF arrived at the school in 2006, the 40 students attending were about the only healthy ones in their village.  Today, we’ve expanded the school to grade 6  for more than 100 students.  In the beginning, students started coming to school because of the health benefits of the PLF breakfast program. Today, we’ve expanded the programs at Koh Ker to include English classes, a library, and all-you-can-eat lunches twice a month. Graduates of Koh Ker live at PLF’s dorm project in Srayang (see below). To learn more about these students and this area, watch our student documentary, Sunflowers of Srayang.

Srayang Dormitory is located about 12km from Koh Ker School. It takes about two hours on dirt roads in a van to get this area from Siem Reap. Srayang Dorm is home to the graduates of Koh Ker and Romchek schools — the first people in their villages to study past Grade 3.  Srayang Dorm provides access to the secondary school in Srayang (conveniently across the street) and includes a computer lab, extra English and Math classes, and frequent workshops. To work with the Srayang Dorm directly, click here.


Romchek School Sign

Romchek Primary School is 25km from Koh Ker and has some 175 students studying in Grades 1-6. We began supplying uniforms and schools supplies in the beginning of 2015, and the following fall we launched teacher training, a lunch program and english courses, and built a water pump, an office building for the teachers,  and a new kitchen area. We are still in the process of assessing the needs in Romchek and are working to build the school up to the same level of academic achievement asx Koh Ker.



Urban School support for students at Angkor High School and Wat Bo Primary as well as Boys and Girls Dormitories for PLF students studying in secondary education programs in Siem Reap town. These programs include scholarships, technology education, bicycles, student supplies, educational workshops, uniforms, and housing needs for our residential students.





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