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Tango for PLF~!

La PLF è fortunata ad avere dei sostenitori la cui gentilezza e generosità non finisce quando lasciano la Cambogia. Prendiamo il caso di Ale e Gabri, che ci hanno fatto visita lo scorso anno: tornati a casa in Italia hanno collaborato con i loro amici per organizzare una festa di beneficenza molto particolare, raccogliendo fondi per oltre $ 3500. The PLF is blessed with supporters whose kindness and generosity doesn’t end when they leave Cambodia. In the case of Ale and Gabi, who visited last year, they partnered with friends back home in Italy to have a very unique sort of fund raising event and raised over $3500. (more…)

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Bike Clinic at Knar School

In February we were very pleased to have Kim Kaufmann and Chris Gooderham arrive from Vancouver to sponsor a bike clinic. Many of the children’s bicycles are ancient hand-me-downs from someone else in their family and in much need of repair. (more…)

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Opening Day for 2400 Students

Phew~! Opening day went without a hitch this year, thanks mostly to the enlistment of a group of Cambodian and international volunteers who came to load, unload, cook, serve, distribute, play, dance, clean up and organize. (more…)

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2010 Bicycle Distribution

Every year the PLF awards bicycles to graduating 6th graders as well as first and second in class for grades 4 and 5. Bicycles assist rural children greatly in realizing their dreams to continue to secondary school, as they are often a fair distance from their villages.  We find that students in 4th and 5th grade will work hard for the prize of driving home a bike, which is useful not only to them but to their families as well. This year we were very happy indeed to distribute 77 bikes at Wat Bo, 62 at Tchey, 33 at Knar and 15 at Koh Ker.


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Opening Day

October 1-5 marks the first day at school for each of the PLF supported schools. We are a veritable flurry of activity as we get 2400 students and their teachers prepared for a new school year, award bikes to the graduating 6th graders, organize English and computer classes and focus on the dormitory at Srayang. (more…)

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2009 Bicycle Program

The bike to School Program was a wild success this year as over 160 bicycles were awarded to graduating 6th graders and first and second in class, grades 4 & 5.


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An organization at Great Neck North High School in New York, called Free the Children has donated all the bicycles for graduating 6th graders at Knar School. We extend to them our sincere thanks.