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Pedal Power Excitement!

By Jacqui Rawson

For PLF’s students, secondary and English Language schools are often many kilometres from their villages along dirt, red-dust roads.  The chance to experience this new transport adventure, exciting in itself, provides a journey towards betterment and growth in many ways.


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STUDENT BLOG: Making Lotus Flowers into Decorations

By Lynea

Nature such as plants and flowers are varied and usually always smell beautiful .  The pink Lotus flower plants grow out of the smelly brown mud and water, but they grow beautifully pink and smell beautiful. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: How to Grow Chilli

By Chantra

In this world we have a variety of crops for cultivation and sale in the markets and that can be used daily. There is a crop we need a lot of, which is chilli.


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STUDENT BLOG: Good Students

By Noeum

Nowadays, in our society we have a lot of people some are good and some are bad. At school we also have good students and bad students. But some of them are good students because they take care about their country, families, teachers, parents and old people. (more…)

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Christmas Wishlist

If you love this festive season and are keen to spread the cheer to Cambodia, please know that the amount of joy you get for giving is multiplied tenfold when our PLF students are caught up in the excitement of receiving, especially when it’s books!


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STUDENT BLOG: Good Health, Good Life

By Sokim

In daily living, people always want to live healthier. One of the main rules and it is the most important one that we all need to take care of is routine cleaning. (more…)

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Fundraiser in Singapore

By Jacqui Rawson

Support for PLF comes in many forms; volunteering, teaching, donations, supply of materials and, this support comes from many different countries around the world.  (more…)

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Secondary School Program – A New Face on Deck

By Jacqui Rawson

As our students become more and more successful staying in school, PLF is busy laying a more solid foundation for supporting our older students as they migrate out of high school and into tertiary education and the workplace.


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Food Bank

by Lori Carlson

PLF has a number of high school students who are from remote villages in the Province where school stops at grade 9. They get on the public taxi and come to the city to figure out a way to continue their education. They are alone, without the support of family and friends and most often they are from very poor families who cannot send them monthly allowances that would support them here. (more…)

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Update on Tchey Sports Program

By Jamie Stafford

2014 was my 7th year coming back to Cambodia and volunteering at the PLF. Although it was a short visit, much was packed in, as always, and I came away yearning for a longer visit next summer. (more…)