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Scholarship Students Move to the Workplace!

Namva, Chenda and Chanya are some of PLF’s most recent success stories. All have recently graduated from PLF’s scholarship program and landed fantastic jobs in three different fields. Interestingly, PLF supported each student in different ways. In our scholarship program we tailor the support that we offer based on the goals and needs of each student.


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Why Toilets?

The pump has been filled, the floor has been swept, and our new bathroom facility at Knar school is finally complete! Our facilities now have three times as many toilets and a proper hand washing station, an improvement that helps us to better address the sanitary needs of our 360+ students and teachers. However, beyond this upgrade in facilities, these new bathrooms represent a major success in our efforts to educate the community at Knar about the importance of actually using them. So just how important is a having a toilet, and how does using it affect the community?


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Drought Relief Update: August 2016

Last month when we put out the call to respond to what we considered to be a serious food shortage on the horizon, you responded decisively and we quickly began with food distributions to our most fragile families. The drought that has been browbeating the country for the last 18 months, took its first toll on the poorest families who get their livelihood from doing field work and/or subsistence farming. Parents, mostly fathers, went north to Thailand to work illegally in places that had received normal rainfall. (more…)

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The 2016 Drought – Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

In our holistic approach to bringing meaningful education to the most marginalized communities in northern Cambodia, a key component is our food programs, which take the edge off the persistent food insecurity that is prevalent among the children who attend PLF rural schools.

The 2014 Cambodia Demographic Health Survey found that under-nutrition rates remain a public health concern, with 32% of children under 5 years of age stunted, 24% underweight, and 10% wasted. Micronutrient deficiencies are widespread. Rising inequality, landlessness and deterioration of common resources have eroded the coping capacity of food-insecure people. Limited access for the poor to education and health services and low levels of investment in public infrastructure further perpetuate food insecurity and undernutrition.

And that’s in a good year. 2016 has not been a good year. (more…)

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Romchek Primary School Comes into the Fold

It was in May 2014 that PLF made it’s first visit to Romchek Village, nestled just inside a protected forest in northern Preah Vihear Province. This village is about 20km north of Koh Ker Village, where PLF has run a successful school for almost a decade. The students from Koh Ker have been given access to secondary school by coming to live at the PLF Dormitory at Srayang. The students from Romchek hoped to have a chance to join those ranks and continue their education. But it’s not so simple.


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Knar School Learns to Uke

By Hannah Najar

This past fall Lucy Inouye, a frequent PLF volunteer from Hawaii, introduced a group of 12 students to the tunes of her hometown and paved the way for ukulele club at Knar school. It is with great excitement that we write this post to share the current accomplishments of PLF’s newest musicians!


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Brooke Beyer’s Volunteering Story

By Brooke Beyer

Brooke and her mother, Gretchen, spent a week volunteering at Tchey School, working on english enrichment and teaching Irish dance. Here is Brooke’s account of all of the jumping, skipping, turning, and her favorite moments during her time spent volunteering with PLF.


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A Day in the Life: Volunteering in Koh Ker

By Hannah Najar

Curious what daily life looks like for volunteers in Koh Ker? Check out Hannah’s daily routine from a week spent volunteering and checking in on PLF’s programs at Koh Ker Primary, Romchek Primary, and Srayang Dormitory. Great adventures always start with breakfast!


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Exciting Firsts For Photography Students

By Barbara Shooter

Grade eight students from The Ponheary Ly Foundation media programme had a great day at Kompong Khleang fishing village, documenting a very different way of life from their own.


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PLF Turns Ten!

In February 2006, Ponheary and Lori began a journey that frankly, we never imagined would go so far so fast. Our growth has been steady and solid and along the way we have created a village of sorts; a space where people have come together from all over the world to roll up their sleeves, spread the word and generously gift enough financial support to turn dreams into reality for thousands of Cambodian children.

On February 11, 2016 we celebrated ten years of PLF at Hotel 1961 in Siem Reap Cambodia, with everyone who comes together to make this happen–our teachers and staff from two provinces and multiple schools and dormitories as well as our board of directors and a handful of supporters and volunteers all came together to celebrate our success.

We spent days and nights combing through a decade of photographs to create a timeline that showed the astounding growth of our organization as well as charting the astonishing trajectory of our students as they continue to reach ever upward.

We were honored to have a keynote address from the Governor of Siem Reap Province as well as several key members of the Ministry of Education and Interior in attendance.

We wish that all of you could have been with us to celebrate this milestone. Be assured, that Ponheary and I and all the ground team was holding each of you close.

We are energized and looking forward to what we will do together in the next decade~!