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PLF Joins Forces with EFF to open 5th Computer Lab

Khnart Middle School lies near Tchey Primary School and takes in about 1/3 of the Tchey graduates. The school is supported by the Engelstoft Foundation in a very similar model to PLF. (more…)

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Year in Photos

by Lori Carlson

We are definitely running a little late on re-capping this year!  It was a veritable whirlwind of activity. A lot of new programs were lifted off at existing projects and a new school was brought on board.

We are so grateful to our supporters near and far who believe in Ponheary’s vision and help us to bring all this about. (more…)

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TEACHER BLOG: My Trip To Preah Vihear

By Sosil

I was really delighted and interested in my trip to Preah Vihear. First of all, I had a lot of fun during the time I was on my bus. All the buses left Siem Reap province at 6:00am. (more…)

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On The Ground – Supporters and Volunteers

PLF supporters on the ground here in Siem Reap not only get to spend time with students they also provide learning-focused activities so the benefit of the visit continues long past the volunteer’s flight home. (more…)

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GET REAL: Knar Computer Lab

By Lori Carlson

The process for building a computer lab out in the countryside has a lot of moving parts and is filled with so many steps, that at many points we wonder if we’ll ever meet success. This has been especially true at Knar School, the last of PLF schools to get their computer lab.


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 By Ratha

Each family in society has cooking methods that differ from each other.  Each family has a different type of food that they like and that tastes different from each other. Moreover, the way things are cook are not the same. In my family my favourite food they like to eat, is boiled winter melon.  (more…)

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TEACHER BLOG: How do Scarecrows Work?

By Saveth

In Cambodia, we always use scarecrows to protect rice in the field when it becomes yellow or in the harvest season. So when I was young I would always see my dad trying to set them up in the rice field. (more…)

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Pedal Power Excitement!

By Jacqui Rawson

For PLF’s students, secondary and English Language schools are often many kilometres from their villages along dirt, red-dust roads.  The chance to experience this new transport adventure, exciting in itself, provides a journey towards betterment and growth in many ways.


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Fundraiser in Singapore

By Jacqui Rawson

Support for PLF comes in many forms; volunteering, teaching, donations, supply of materials and, this support comes from many different countries around the world.  (more…)

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Food Bank

by Lori Carlson

PLF has a number of high school students who are from remote villages in the Province where school stops at grade 9. They get on the public taxi and come to the city to figure out a way to continue their education. They are alone, without the support of family and friends and most often they are from very poor families who cannot send them monthly allowances that would support them here. (more…)