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PLF Launches Student Counseling Unit

By Travis Thompson

Throughout decades of war, genocide, and conflict, social work has been virtually absent from Cambodia.  Now, Ponheary Ly Foundation is adding a student counseling unit to the organization, joining other professionals who are bringing this line of work back to the country. (more…)

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The News That Didn’t Fit

By Lori Carlson

During the last few months we’ve had loads of activity at all schools that didn’t make “the news”, so here’s a smattering of photos from the 1,000 small things that happened in the last few months, every one of them important in their own right. (more…)

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Get Real: PLF Finances 2013

By Lori Carlson

Another year has come to a close and with it come the joys of IRS reporting. The best part of all these spreadsheets that have occupied my every brain cell for the last 30 days, is the rare opportunity to let these numbers tell me stories about how we’ve grown, how we haven’t, think about why we didn’t, see where we’ve made mistakes and how they’ve been corrected. Or not. (more…)

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Get Real: A Sign of the Times

By Lori Carlson

Before there was the Ponheary Ly Foundation, there was only Ponheary Ly, a school teacher-turned tour guide who witnessed first hand the harmful impact of tourism on the children in her country and took it in her hands to try and do something about it. She did her best to steer children away from selling things at temples and get them back in school. She did her best to steer her tourists away from “helping children by buying things from them” and let them truly help by supporting the schools they should be attending and the teachers who teach in them. (more…)

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TEACHER BLOG: Cambodia’s Sports

By Saveth Chhean

 In Cambodia sport is not popular yet because a lot of people they don’t think that sport is important to them. They do not get any money from sport.

Presently we have around 40% of the people who like sport but if they want to play, they have to spend money. They like volleyball and some football.

Football in the countryside is not so popular but in town it is.

However volleyball in the countryside is very popular as it is in town. Now the Ponheary Ly Foundation has started to focus on sport in Cambodia. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Lost Opportunities To Study In Cambodia

By Maly

I am a student studying Grade 8. In school I have the chance to study and learn about the languages Khmer, Japanese, and English. I also study computers, the World Wide Web, Internet and Social Media but I have friends who don’t study at all. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Feeding The Fish In My Village

By Sreymarch

In my village there are lots of jobs that the people are doing such as: the farming, plant the vegetable, feed the animals, teachers, moto driver. Then repair the house, repair of the car and motorcycle and selling fish. These are the jobs in my village. Nowadays we have a farmer feeding the fish the rice.


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PLF Supporters Fund Public Teacher Salary Subsidies for a Year

By Travis Thompson

For the first time in Ponheary Ly Foundation’s history, supporter Jean Geoghegan and her friends, colleagues, and family in Ireland have made it possible to fund, en masse, the salaries of all 24 of our Khmer public school classroom teachers at two schools.  (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Young Girls In My Village

By Seiha

Kok Snoul Village is not far away from Siem Reap town, maybe 10km. Many children do not go to school. One reason they do not study is because parents have less money for children to go to school and parents look to economic benefits of children working as construction workers because they can make a small salary for the family. (more…)

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PLF Opens Siem Reap Boys’ House

By Travis Thompson

It’s been a dream for years, and now PLF has opened a place for our high school boy students who are living away from their village (and their families) and who are literally homeless and without support. They come to the city from isolated villages whose schools stop at grade 9, in pursuit of a high school diploma. They are often in Siem Reap without adequate food or shelter or any extended family or friends. These challenges give them the least chance of finishing school but often an extraordinary level of grit. We are all feeling a very high level of satisfaction seeing them get a chance at something of an “ordinary life”. (more…)