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STUDENT BLOG: Deforestation in Cambodia

All trees are the heart of the world. It’s very important to support other developments in almost all sectors for daily life. Many countries use modern generators to recycle wood to become other materials to use for business, while people are increasingly making requirements to have much more building, furniture and more agriculture. Trees have many uses for environments like creating oxygen, providing food, and making the environment beautiful. Do you think trees can grow as fast as people? What are of the main causes of fast forest loss? (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Children Not Attending School

Every child must have access to education. Education brings children to find the best road and to keep off bad roads. A large number of children go to school, but a small number of children do not go. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Laws of Women


Khmer ancestors left a model of rules on the different ways men and women should behave in society. The four laws of women were sleeping, speaking, sitting and walking. For example, women were to sleep sitting up, they were meant to speak in a quiet voice, they had to sit in good posture and walk in a gentle way. Also, women had to dress in a specific way. Their skirt should cover the knees and the fabric should not make noise as they walked.  They were expected to respect their husbands and brothers without bias.



The role of women has changed in modern times, but the woman still is expected to take care of the home, the finances and maybe even get a job outside of the house, but the man only needs to work at his job. In spite of having equal status in many ways, sometimes the old rules still apply. For example,modern women are not allowed to have male friends.

In modern society, some things have evolved for women, while some of the ancient expectations remain the same.







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The Champion – Yim Mao

By Jacqui Rawson

Yim Mao is an inspiring example of someone who continues to keep pushing themselves onwards regardless of misfortunes and ongoing struggles faced.  Yim Mao’s focus is not on his disability but on being as successful as he can be.


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STUDENT BLOG: The Struggles Of My Life

By Yeom Mao

Everybody born in the world, through their lives, has happiness and laughter but also they can have problems and suffering, it cannot be avoided.  Owing to this I thought carefully about describing my story so that you could understand the problems I have faced in my life. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: The Khmer Rouge’s Impact on The Education Sector In Cambodia

By Ratanak 

From 1975-1979 was the Pol Pot regime and at that time Cambodia was the river of blood. Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot soldiers) and many armies took over Cambodia as a dictatorship during the time that sectors were declining, such as: health sector, industry sector, economic sector and especially the education sector. The Khmer rouge whose leader was Mr. Pol Pot destroyed such as: (more…)

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TEACHER BLOG: My Trip To Preah Vihear

By Sosil

I was really delighted and interested in my trip to Preah Vihear. First of all, I had a lot of fun during the time I was on my bus. All the buses left Siem Reap province at 6:00am. (more…)

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 By Ratha

Each family in society has cooking methods that differ from each other.  Each family has a different type of food that they like and that tastes different from each other. Moreover, the way things are cook are not the same. In my family my favourite food they like to eat, is boiled winter melon.  (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Cleaning The Kitchen

By Porng

Many humans are born everyday always into residential housing for individuals and families. Each house can be large or small depending on the family. And each house always has bedrooms and a kitchen connected. With some large houses the kitchen is built separately from the main house. Each kitchen has clean sanitation depending on how clean the members of the family are. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Making Lotus Flowers into Decorations

By Lynea

Nature such as plants and flowers are varied and usually always smell beautiful .  The pink Lotus flower plants grow out of the smelly brown mud and water, but they grow beautifully pink and smell beautiful. (more…)