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For The Love Of Reading

By Jacqui Rawson

You can pretty much always find students in the PLF schools that instead of playing during their breaks make their way to the library to fill their thirst for reading.


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Volunteer Post: “Lessons Learned While Abroad”

By Volunteer Brianna Caruccio

Have a read through what Bri felt, thought and experienced during her time as a volunteer with the PLF . . .


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PLF High Schoolers Start Science & Engineering Club

By Jacqui Rawson

There is a Science and Engineering Club of 17 students at Hun Sen Wat Svay High School that are using recycling as a way to further progress their education.


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Welcome to Sothea!

By Jacqui Rawson

Sothea started with us only two months ago but already the positive changes he has instigated at Koh Ker School are impressive!


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Knar Science Club Wraps up Study of Biomes

By Brooke Loving-Bagwell, PLF Intern

Can you name all of the continents that have a tundra biome? Ask a student in the sixth grade Science Club at Knar school and they will readily tell you the answer, especially if there is a prize at stake. On Friday the PLF crew visited Knar Primary School to put on a special scavenger hunt, to celebrate the conclusion of their three month long investigation into the world’s habitats. Sprinting from one station to the next, the students quizzed their knowledge on the world’s biomes, adaptation, and the food chain. (more…)

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Get Real: Rethinking Volunteers. Again.

By Lori Carlson

A couple of years ago, PLF had more volunteer inquiries than we could manage.  The selection process was always tricky; how could we know via a few emails who was going to be the most effective volunteer? Sometimes we got lucky, sometimes we didn’t; our choosing process seemed so random and ineffective. (more…)

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2014 Finances are up!

By Lori Carlson

Another year has come to a close and with it come the joys of IRS reporting. The best part of all these spreadsheets is the rare opportunity to let these numbers tell me stories about how we’ve grown, or not,  think about whether or not that growth has been in the right directions,  see where we’ve made mistakes and how they’ve been corrected. Or not.

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STUDENT BLOG: The Struggles Of My Life

By Yeom Mao

Everybody born in the world, through their lives, has happiness and laughter but also they can have problems and suffering, it cannot be avoided.  Owing to this I thought carefully about describing my story so that you could understand the problems I have faced in my life. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: The Khmer Rouge’s Impact on The Education Sector In Cambodia

By Ratanak 

From 1975-1979 was the Pol Pot regime and at that time Cambodia was the river of blood. Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot soldiers) and many armies took over Cambodia as a dictatorship during the time that sectors were declining, such as: health sector, industry sector, economic sector and especially the education sector. The Khmer rouge whose leader was Mr. Pol Pot destroyed such as: (more…)

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From the Other Side: Watching PLF Advocacy in Action

By Travis Thompson, PLF Board of Directors

It’s been five months since I left my spot alongside Ponheary, Lori, and the Ponheary Ly Foundation team in the Siem Reap office to move back to the U.S. I’ve spent these last months trying to adjust to my new life in Seattle. The transition has been made easier as I’ve crossed paths with PLF supporters who are doing their part to share with their communities in the U.S. the importance of our work in Cambodia. (more…)