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Traveling Teacher visits Tchey

Tchey School has been running the computer program for 3-1/2 years now and the earliest students from that project are now assistant teachers at the lab. There is one class of advanced students; they are in grades 10-12 and return each saturday and sunday to study in the lab. Yes, they are the geeks. (more…)

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We’ve had a flurry of activity since school started. Here are some highlights! (more…)

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Report from Srei about PLF Computer Lab

The course of action on our part to start our own computer training means not only do we save a bit of money, but we make sure the students really learn the material and not get lost in the back of some overcrowded computer class using inferior equipment. A bonus is that we get to help a competent khmer woman shed her disability and realize her innate ability to share knowledge. Read more to hear first hand from Srei (their instructor) about her life experience as a disabled person in Cambodia, about how she came to be heading up the lab, about her students and what she hopes to accomplish in the future. (more…)

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Knar Teachers hold English summer school

Knar teachers Chenda and Sovanny  have offered to hold high school prep English classes for graduating students during  the summer break. (more…)

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PLF Computer Lab Expansion

This year the PLF has 103 urban high school students on our rosters, all graduates from Wat Bo Primary School in Siem Reap. Some of these students are now in the 11th grade and have been asking us  for computer classes. It costs anywhere from $15-30 per month to send a student to Computer Classes in Siem Reap, so we decided to address this challenge by building our own lab.

Update: follow the class on their new Facebook page.


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Four Tchey Teachers Receive Scholarships

Back in November we posted a story about three teachers at Tchey who had won partial scholarships to University in Siem Reap. We are very happy indeed to report that all three teachers, plus one more, Morn Simoun, are all currently enrolled. (more…)

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Tchey Teachers Seek University Education

In the Cambodian School System, there are “official teachers” who have finished grade 12 and had two years of University. These teachers are allowed to work both morning and afternoon sessions, enabling them to make some semblance of a living. In the urban areas, such as in Siem Reap proper, they can do private tutoring in order to augment the pittance they earn teaching at public school. In the countryside, things are much different. (more…)

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Opening Day

October 1-5 marks the first day at school for each of the PLF supported schools. We are a veritable flurry of activity as we get 2400 students and their teachers prepared for a new school year, award bikes to the graduating 6th graders, organize English and computer classes and focus on the dormitory at Srayang. (more…)

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PLF Writes and Administers English Exam at Two Schools

The end of the school year means exam season around the world, and Tchey Primary School and Knar Primary School were no exception.


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English Teachers Continue Study at ACE

The PLF currently has 8 teachers enrolled in classes at Australian Center for Education, an English Language school in Siem Reap. These teachers are currently teaching English classes at Tchey and Knar School. They travel in from the countryside 3 days per week to attend classes.