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Khmer New Year at Koh Ker School

On Thursday April 12th the PLF team went to Koh Ker village to have Khmer New Year Party. Four of my classmates and I went with them to make a video about it. We went by van and it took a long time.  We left Chey school to Koh Ker school at 7am. We spent 4 hour to Koh Ker school. We were happy to get to Koh Ker. (more…)

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Sen’s Team Enters Goodtube Film Competition

Hello my name is Soy Sen. I am part of a video project supported by the Ponheary Ly Foundation in Siem Reap Cambodia. We are a youths groups video maker trained by Diana Gross, the Traveling Teacher.   I am a Cambodian student who made the video called Water Wells in My Village.  After that, we continued to make one  information technology video called  “I Am One” and submitted it to Goodtube for the Video Competition. (more…)

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Tchey Students Take Prize at Film Festival

The video called “Water Wells in My Village” won first runner up in the Water.org “Water Day” Film  Competition this year. (more…)

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First Skype With Blue Heart Charity

Hello, my name is Som Oun. I am one of the PLF video team. In December of 2011, my teammates Sen, Sopha and I made video about water wells in Kok Snoul village. It was the first video we ever made. (more…)

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Welcome to Our Student Blog!

Hello, and welcome to our Student Blog! It is really fantastic for us to make this blog because we can now show people around the world like you about our lives at school and in our villages. (more…)

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A Girl in My Village

I want to tell you about a girl in my village. We live in Brolay Village in Siem Reap Province. (more…)

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The First Overseas Communication of Tchey Students

By Farida Mot, Field Director

In February the traveling teacher visited  Tchey primary school. She worked with 14 students on storyboard and videography. Recently those students made their first overseas communication through skype . (more…)

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Solar at Knar~!

The last of three solar projects was accomplished in February at Knar School. A total of six 90watt panels were installed along with the inverter and batteries. Electrical wiring was run to the kitchen, the office, the storage room and two class rooms where English classes are held in the evenings. Gone are the unsafe and troublesome car batteries. (more…)

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Solar Projects Completed

We are very happy to report that the solar projects at both the dorm at Srayang and the school at Koh Ker are complete. Four 135w panels were deployed at Srayang and a complete electrical system was wired in; 100 meters of trenches were dug and lines buried, delivering electricity to both girls and boys houses as well as the housemother’s house, both latrines, the new kitchen and classroom and the front gate. We failed to electrify the chicken coop, but maybe next time. (more…)

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First Computers Deployed at Srayang

By Farida Mot, Field Director

Last week PLF crew spent three days at Srayang Dorm and brought with us the first computers that the students there have ever seen.