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A Toy Story: Legos Bring New Chapter to PLF Technology Program

By Jacqui Rawson

These old building blocks, around for almost 80 years have taken on new life in Ponheary Ly Foundation schools with an impressive link-up to technology. PLF students and teachers are loving this exciting program which brings a new way of teaching and learning technology. (more…)

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TEACHER BLOG: My Take on PLF’s New Lego Program

By Chhean Saveth, PLF Media Teacher

For a long time, the children in Cambodia never knew “what is technology?” Especially the children in the countryside remote areas, they never played the toys or the remote control cars etc. All these things, I and other children never played before. But now at Tchey School we just had a new technology called “Lego Education” that the children in that area can come to play or join with the teacher who has training with a group of people came from National Instruments, which partners with LEGO to make the software for the LEGO WeDo and LEGO MINDSTORMS products. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Respect Parents

By Channa

Our parents are the people who give us our life and are our first teachers.  When we were born we were  like a blank page of paper. Our parents are our first teachers who teach us to eat, to  walk and to speak. They are the people who always feed us until we grow up. They spend a very long time to make our bodies grow, they work hard for us to go to school and also to give us the things we need and want. (more…)

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Ponheary Ly Foundation Grads Prepare to Open Town’s First Computer School

By Travis Thompson

Deep in the countryside of northwest Cambodia, two Srayang Dorm students are about to do what no one has done in their town before–open a computer school. (more…)

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TEACHER BLOG: The Importance of The New Media in Cambodia

By Sokha Khoun

Media can mean a lot to everybody in Cambodia. But, 14 months ago, Media meant only many questions to me. In October of 2012 I came to join the Ponheary Ly Foundation to train to be a Media teacher with Diana Gross from Global Citizen Media. I wrote my first blog post called “The Importance of Digital Media in Cambodia ” in early 2013. During the past 10 months since I have been training and teaching Media, I have found answers to 60% of my questions. (more…)

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Knar School Set for Revolutionary Changes

By Travis Thompson

Ponheary Ly Foundation’s oldest school has been the most challenging in many ways, but now thanks to our supporters in Australia and at AMT Coffee, Knar Primary is gearing up for some huge leaps forward. (more…)

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Get Real: “Girls Can’t Do That Job”

by Lori Carlson

Last year in August two girls finished grade 12 with outstanding scores in Science and Math. They desperately wanted to go to college, but (on the advise of others) were about to head off into a course of study that a) wouldn’t benefit them financially in the long run and b) did not capitalize on their science/math aptitude. We intervened to advocate in their behalf, and it was an interesting process trying to get these girls accepted into the course of study that their brains were built to do, not the course of study they were expected to do. (more…)

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The News That Didn’t Fit

By Lori Carlson

During the last few months we’ve had loads of activity at all schools that didn’t make “the news”, so here’s a smattering of photos from the 1,000 small things that happened in the last few months, every one of them important in their own right. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: The Importance of Water Buffaloes

By Komsorth

Agriculture in Cambodia needs animals. In my village people care for animals like water buffaloes and cows. These animals can help people by pulling the cart, plow and they also give excrement for people to use as fertilizer to make the crops good. (more…)

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TEACHER BLOG: Cambodia’s Sports

By Saveth Chhean

 In Cambodia sport is not popular yet because a lot of people they don’t think that sport is important to them. They do not get any money from sport.

Presently we have around 40% of the people who like sport but if they want to play, they have to spend money. They like volleyball and some football.

Football in the countryside is not so popular but in town it is.

However volleyball in the countryside is very popular as it is in town. Now the Ponheary Ly Foundation has started to focus on sport in Cambodia. (more…)