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STUDENT BLOG: The Struggling Parents

Parents will always love their children.  But children, it is important to never forget that parents have difficulty. There is a proverb which says: a mother can successfully raise 10 children; but 10 children cannot successfully support a mother. They just know that their parents love them. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Children Not Attending School

Every child must have access to education. Education brings children to find the best road and to keep off bad roads. A large number of children go to school, but a small number of children do not go. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: “Vichcheame Pteah”

555The family is a small society in the country. The family was made from man and woman after they married. In the house the family always has a master. ?Some families can have men or women equal? but the majority have only the man who is a master of the family The woman is a homemaker because the majority of women’s work at times are repetitive tasks for every day. In Khmer language we call these tasks “vichcheame phteah”, the work of the woman which needs to be done in the house.


The tasks of women are to clean the house, to cook, prepare clothing for their husband and children, speak gently, and manage the children’s free time to give them advice and take care of the assets which the husband earned.



She has to take care of her husband and children and cook healthy food for the family. She believes her own experiences of cooking are very important for every housewife in the family. When husbands have a housewife who is interested in her family the husband and children can eat very delicious food. A husband also helps his wife as it is not an easy task for women.



IMG_0169In summary “vichcheame phteah” is important for all women in the country. I have written this article to educate young woman about the procedures available to benefit the children, wife and parents. Eventually, I hope that this article will help some of you too.? Even though Cambodia is changing and developing, the traditional roles of women are still important in our society. To be able to cook, clean, and look after the family still has a place in Cambodian culture.




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STUDENT BLOG: Laws of Women


Khmer ancestors left a model of rules on the different ways men and women should behave in society. The four laws of women were sleeping, speaking, sitting and walking. For example, women were to sleep sitting up, they were meant to speak in a quiet voice, they had to sit in good posture and walk in a gentle way. Also, women had to dress in a specific way. Their skirt should cover the knees and the fabric should not make noise as they walked.  They were expected to respect their husbands and brothers without bias.



The role of women has changed in modern times, but the woman still is expected to take care of the home, the finances and maybe even get a job outside of the house, but the man only needs to work at his job. In spite of having equal status in many ways, sometimes the old rules still apply. For example,modern women are not allowed to have male friends.

In modern society, some things have evolved for women, while some of the ancient expectations remain the same.







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PLF Turns Ten!

In February 2006, Ponheary and Lori began a journey that frankly, we never imagined would go so far so fast. Our growth has been steady and solid and along the way we have created a village of sorts; a space where people have come together from all over the world to roll up their sleeves, spread the word and generously gift enough financial support to turn dreams into reality for thousands of Cambodian children.

On February 11, 2016 we celebrated ten years of PLF at Hotel 1961 in Siem Reap Cambodia, with everyone who comes together to make this happen–our teachers and staff from two provinces and multiple schools and dormitories as well as our board of directors and a handful of supporters and volunteers all came together to celebrate our success.

We spent days and nights combing through a decade of photographs to create a timeline that showed the astounding growth of our organization as well as charting the astonishing trajectory of our students as they continue to reach ever upward.

We were honored to have a keynote address from the Governor of Siem Reap Province as well as several key members of the Ministry of Education and Interior in attendance.

We wish that all of you could have been with us to celebrate this milestone. Be assured, that Ponheary and I and all the ground team was holding each of you close.

We are energized and looking forward to what we will do together in the next decade~!


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Knar School Science Club

New Science Curriculum Introduces Students to Weighty Matters

PLF intern helps develop science curriculum at Knar Primary School.

By Hannah Najar

Knar Science Club

My first big project this year picked up on the great successes of the Knar School science club pilot project. I was given a set of twelve physical science lesson plans in English, and Teacher Ka’Oun and I teamed up to implement the curriculum for an eager class of 23 students in Grade 6. (more…)

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#2 Leadership Conference

By Jacqui Rawson

Round two of the PLF annual Leadership Conference – keeping the tide of learning rolling.


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School Holidays

By Jacqui Rawson

The big holiday break between school years in most countries happens over the summer, aka “Summer School”.  In Cambodia it takes place in September and October which also happens to be the “wet season”, but “Holiday School” goes on, rain, hail or shine.


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Koh Ker Library:  “The House that Love Built”

By Lori Carlson

There were times during the course of the planning and execution of constructing the library at Koh Ker School that I was sure we had all lost our minds. I’m also sure that the kind souls who shared our vision for undertaking this challenging project and gave us the money to do it, also often wondered if we had cracked!


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Welcome Aboard, Hannah Najar

By Jacqui Rawson

Hannah first came to Cambodia in the middle of 2014 as part of a study abroad program along with three other students from Union College.  By the end of her two months here, Hannah’s thoughts about her future started to flourish in a very different direction.  In the main part because of seeds planted whilst spending time volunteering with The Ponheary Ly Foundation.  (more…)