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Katie Stafford, Age 12, Reports on Volunteering at Tchey School

By: Katie Stafford, Aged 12, London, England

This is my second time visiting Cambodia as a volunteer for the Ponheary Ly Foundation. My parents and my older siblings have been coming for years, but now it was my turn to come! (more…)

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William Stafford, Age 10, Launches Chess Club

By William Stafford, Age 10, London England

My family has been volunteers with the Ponheary Ly Foundation for the last 8 years. Being the youngest in the family, I was left behind in the early years. But in the last two years, I was able to come. Wow, it was finally my turn and I was thrilled! I have watched my older brother and sister do some amazing things, like starting a football team or putting on a drama production. I always heard about what they had done. It was my chance to suggest something that we could bring that would be meaningful as a volunteer. (more…)

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For The Love Of Reading

By Jacqui Rawson

You can pretty much always find students in the PLF schools that instead of playing during their breaks make their way to the library to fill their thirst for reading.


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PLF High Schoolers Start Science & Engineering Club

By Jacqui Rawson

There is a Science and Engineering Club of 17 students at Hun Sen Wat Svay High School that are using recycling as a way to further progress their education.


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Out Of Banteay Srei District and Into Youth Development

By Jacqui Rawson

Sororn and Channy have just experienced, at 17 years of age, a significant moment in their young lives.  They’ve been introduced to a change in a way of thinking and found a new ability and confidence to challenge themselves to face the world head on.


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students studying

David Waingarten and Sarah Rarick started this scholarship fund to help Cambodian students headed into Grade 10 stay in school and complete their secondary education.  David and Sarah’s dream is that through this fund, they’ll inspire future leaders of Cambodia who will not only be able to create better lives for themselves, but also change the course of the country.

In 2014, the Fund began support of three high school students; two are in grade 10 and the third in grade 11.



Waingarten Razoo Page



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With the help of a group of dedicated donors, we are currently funding 36 university students and 4 students in vocational training. They are paving the way for Cambodia’s future and they know it. 

Their studies range from medical school to Khmer language studies in university all the way to motorbike mechanics and chef training in vocational school. For PLF students who earned a scholarship from the government but cannot afford the living costs of the big city, we provide support in the form of a monthly stipend for living costs so that students can reach their fullest academic potential.

Moving forward, PLF will continue with this program as funding and opportunities become available, but future funding for PLF Grade 12 grads to go to university and vocational training is greatly needed.  If you’d like to help, please consider making a donation and designating it towards “tertiary scholarships”!


A huge thank you to the community that makes this fund possible:

Jan Wheaton  -  Parin Kothari  -  PLF Canada  -  Kerrie Meehan  -  Karen Weaver

Dawn and Kevin Clayton  -  Jane Dinnison  -  Mads Englestoft  -  PACTICS  -  Claire Atwood

Will Strong  -  Chris McCormack Cambodian Children’s Fund  -  Jan & Mimi Depuydt

Shanthi Subramanyam  -  Peter Brennan  -  Gail Kalinich  -  Nico Potterat

Dan & Trisha Curtin  -  Alma Hayes  -  R. Roth  - David & Sarah Waingarten

Carey Baptist Grammar School  -  Rapidan Foundation  -  Tammy & Hank Britton


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Andrew Tuck (back right) with his son (front right) and Ponheary, Lori, Travis and Knar Primary staff members at Knar’s opening day 2013.

The Andrew Tuck Scholarship Fund supports 24 students to attend secondary school at three different locations, but mainly Knar Primary. Tuck was fundamental in helping PLF move its scholarship program down stream to include not only Grades 10, 11 and 12 at Knar Primary, but also Grade 9. This effort helps ensure that students don’t leave school in an area of the country where dropout rates run very high. The students below are in school today because of the Andrew Tuck Scholarship Fund.

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Final Take 9

This holiday season we’re in the midst of building some of the most creative library programs in the history of any of our schools.  To maximize our students’ creativity and to continue to help them boost their capacity for thinking outside the box, we’re looking for some simple games and constructive toys for organized library “play time”.  We’ve expanded the hours of our libraries at Knar and Koh Ker Primary Schools, students are advancing so quickly they’re now asking for more of these activities. If you can pitch in just a little bit of money to buy one or two of the following things from our holiday wishlist, it would go a long way in helping us!  When you donate, be sure to make note which item your money is going toward.



Donate Button

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Carey LogoTheir support comes to us under the leadership and tireless work of Glynis Jones who has been working with Ponheary Ly Foundation and making trips to Cambodia for years.  Glynis now lives in Cambodia and works for the Foundation in Siem Reap.

Carey staff and family supporters for this fund include: Connie and Trevor Black, Debbie Phyland, Michelle and Tom Robertson, Michael and Rosemary Barden, Morag Jones, Sharon McDonald, Vincent Pelligrino, Helen and George Tachas, Trish Hough, Louise Willis, Carey Staff Association, Carey Senior School Students, Carey Middle School Students and Staff, and Monica Rowlands.


Online fundraising for Carey Baptist Grammar School Scholarship Fund