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Teacher Support

Teachers in Cambodia are paid very little. In the countryside where our schools are located, teachers make anywhere from $60-$100 per month depending on their training. This is an extremely low salary for Cambodia and is certainly not enough to live on, even in the rural areas where cost of living is low.

To make up for this low salary, teachers must charge each student a fee for attending class. This means that only the students who can afford this fee can attend and finish school, and the poorest students must drop out. This elitist system of educational access does not build the country. The Cambodian education system systematically weeds out the poorest classes, creating a system where the wealthy stay wealthy and the poor stay poor.

 To combat this system, the PLF pays teachers a stipend so that they can obtain a decent salary and will not have to charge their students to come to school.

These teachers are the basis for the whole system of education, and unless they are paid enough, our supplying of supplies, uniforms, bicycles, food and wellness is futile since those items cannot reach the intended recipients.


Please consider donating to support our teachers and the hard work they do!




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