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Uniforms & Supplies

The first program formally launched by PLF, supplying supplies and uniforms lies at the heart of the organization’s mission to be responsive to immediate challenges facing families and local communities. This program seeks to remove one of the greatest obstacles to attending public school: students must have uniforms and their own supplies. The cost of supplies (approximately $20 per student) is out of reach for most families engaged in subsistence farming with too many children at home. Many families must choose just one child to attend school and hope that one can come home and teach the rest. By supplying these children with the things they need for school, we are able to get all the village children in school, not just some.

Through alliances with village elders, teachers and administrators in individual schools, PLF organizes a distribution two times per year to provide children with the necessary uniforms, books, and supplies needed for school. We currently serve about 2,800 students at four primary and five secondary schools through this program. At the end of September every year, open enrollment begins at each school and new students are identified and brought into the program.

The first week of October distribution begins at all schools. Students cannot attend public school without uniforms and their own supplies.

Click out some scenes from our supplies distribution!



Please consider donating to supply students with the uniforms and books they need to be able to attend school!


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