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Knar School Set for Revolutionary Changes

By Travis Thompson

Ponheary Ly Foundation’s oldest school has been the most challenging in many ways, but now thanks to our supporters in Australia and at AMT Coffee, Knar Primary is gearing up for some huge leaps forward. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: Modern Equipment, Dirty Environment

By Sreymarch

Previously, Cambodia did not have modern techniques for farming. For many years, farmers in Cambodia have used cows and water buffaloes to plow and harrow and drag the carts. To improve farming, modern equipment such as tractors can come from other countries. (more…)

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Get Real: “Girls Can’t Do That Job”

by Lori Carlson

Last year in August two girls finished grade 12 with outstanding scores in Science and Math. They desperately wanted to go to college, but (on the advise of others) were about to head off into a course of study that a) wouldn’t benefit them financially in the long run and b) did not capitalize on their science/math aptitude. We intervened to advocate in their behalf, and it was an interesting process trying to get these girls accepted into the course of study that their brains were built to do, not the course of study they were expected to do. (more…)

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STUDENT BLOG: A Trip To Siem Reap

By Sreynith

We are lucky to study media class. As we are students from a small village, we never go on any trips which are organized by the teacher. In 2013 I came to join media class with the Ponheary Ly Foundation. Students have opportunity to share our voice with the world and learn new thing about the world too. (more…)

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PLF Launches Student Counseling Unit

By Travis Thompson

Throughout decades of war, genocide, and conflict, social work has been virtually absent from Cambodia.  Now, Ponheary Ly Foundation is adding a student counseling unit to the organization, joining other professionals who are bringing this line of work back to the country. (more…)