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Why Toilets?

The pump has been filled, the floor has been swept, and our new bathroom facility at Knar school is finally complete! Our facilities now have three times as many toilets and a proper hand washing station, an improvement that helps us to better address the sanitary needs of our 360+ students and teachers. However, beyond this upgrade in facilities, these new bathrooms represent a major success in our efforts to educate the community at Knar about the importance of actually using them. So just how important is a having a toilet, and how does using it affect the community?


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STUDENT BLOG: Deforestation in Cambodia

All trees are the heart of the world. It’s very important to support other developments in almost all sectors for daily life. Many countries use modern generators to recycle wood to become other materials to use for business, while people are increasingly making requirements to have much more building, furniture and more agriculture. Trees have many uses for environments like creating oxygen, providing food, and making the environment beautiful. Do you think trees can grow as fast as people? What are of the main causes of fast forest loss? (more…)

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Drought Relief Update: August 2016

Last month when we put out the call to respond to what we considered to be a serious food shortage on the horizon, you responded decisively and we quickly began with food distributions to our most fragile families. The drought that has been browbeating the country for the last 18 months, took its first toll on the poorest families who get their livelihood from doing field work and/or subsistence farming. Parents, mostly fathers, went north to Thailand to work illegally in places that had received normal rainfall. (more…)

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“The Top 10 Things I Learned in Siem Reap”

By: Sayrge Braccio

In June, Sayrge spent the day with a group of Grade 6 students from Knar School as a part of our Help for a Day Crafts Excursion Program. Here are his thoughts about his time spent in Siem Reap volunteering with PLF!


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Meet Our New Staff!

In April we laid out our finances for 2015 and shared our plan for 2016, and we are excited to finally welcome two key players of that plan to the team. PLF family, please meet Courtney and Sherry!