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From Kindergarten to University 

Sreineang, graduating from grade 6 at Knar School in 2006

Sreyneang, graduating from grade 6 at Knar School in 2006




The core mission of our work is rooted in a solid primary school education for children living in rural poverty. PLF supports four rural primary schools with more than 1,600 students. Additionally, we enable primary school access to some 600 urban children in Siem Reap City, whose families have migrated from rural areas to look for work.


Sreineang, graduating from high school in 2012

Sreyneang, graduating from high school in 2012



PLF follows our students to the nearest secondary school, often quite far from home. We provide bikes to students for their commute, enabling 95% of students to remain at home while they pursue their education. In the rare cases where the commute is too great, PLF houses students near the school. At grade 12, students can apply for high school scholarships to help them prepare for the national exam and achieve their goal of graduating from high school.



Sreyneang will graduate with a degree in Nursing in 2016



A small number of students, usually about 10 per year, do so well in high school that University makes sense for them. PLF does what it can to provide scholarships for University students and/or living expense stipends for those who need assistance to continue their studies far from home.

Like young people everywhere, some students are not best served by going to University. PLF partners with Vocational Training Schools in the area to help students learn skills that will enable meaningful employment.


We cannot do this work without you. Thank you for your support.



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