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Ponheary Ly Foundation’s student technology program starts with Microsoft Office programs taught at three different schools, with a fourth location coming soon. Once students master basic computer skills, they have the opportunity to join PLF’s media program, which is one of the few of its kind in the world.

Students are taught how to communicate using various forms of the latest technology. That includes creating blogs, shooting documentaries and sharing them online, taking photos and presenting them on websites, curating exhibits, and telling stories.

Students who are part of this program are more likely to see improved scores in core subjects, learn English more easily and are more likely to have fewer absences at school. Technology courses teach students to think in ways that other forms of learning do not, especially in Cambodia, where students are primarily taught by rote. The Media class in particular requires students to develop critical thinking skills, do their own research, and develop their own opinions and ideas while focusing on the topics and issues that interest them. The results have exceeded our wildest dreams.

See for yourself! Read our student blogs or check out our PLF Media Lab youtube channel.

Technology Transforms Students

Reasey Mi's involvement with PLF technology has taken her from having near-failing grades, to above average grades for all her classes. She's become a star of the PLF program, writing and directing, "Sunflowers of Srayang". Her work on that documentary gained worldwide attention for girls struggling to go to school in a rural Cambodian village. She continues her work with the PLF media program, shooting documentaries about life in Cambodia, and is now studying IT at the Royal University in Phnom Penh.
Sen Soy has been with the PLF technology and media programs since their launch. His involvement eventually led him to work within the PLF technology program to direct a documentary that garnered first place in an international competition and $10,000. He is now studying in the pre-med program at the University of Health Science in Phnom Penh.
Chenda Sout's involvement in PLF's Microsoft Office classes led her to pursue the PLF media program. By the time she was in Grade 10, she grew to be one of the lead directors and producers on the student documentary "Sunflowers of Srayang". Her grades in other classes increased each year she was involved in PLF technology classes. She is currently studying reception at the Paul Dubrule School of Tourism and hopes to one-day manage a 5-star hotel.

Since Sopha Pech joined the PLF technology program his grades have been outstanding in all his classes as he's learned to see the world through a new lens. He's been part of the student team that shot "I Am One", a documentary that garnered international attention. He's also become extremely talented at shooting still life. He's recently finished grade 11 and will be heading into his senior year of high school with a range of future opportunities due to his academic success.



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