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When you become a Ponheary Ly Foundation volunteer, you become much more than just a volunteer on the ground.  We view being a volunteer as an opportunity for individuals to bring a wide range of expertise and help us to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of our programs. Our volunteers inject new ideas, fresh energy, they help keep our team, students, and teachers enthused. They are are often also our strongest advocates for the cause of our students; raising funds, raising awareness, and talking about us on the interwebs before and after their time volunteering.

Our Volunteer program is guided by the following core understandings and objectives:

  • Fostering opportunities for impactful and sustainable volunteer practices that are mutually beneficial to our volunteers and to our team, students, and teachers
  • Striving to educate others on the detriments of voluntourism and encourage critical thought about the value of volunteering
  • Putting our students’ interests first by upholding child safe volunteering practices at all times
  • Adaptability. Cambodia carries with it a degree of unpredictability but also tremendous possibility – all of our volunteers must be flexible, comfortable working independently, and ready to jump right in with the team

For a full overview of our program details, please read our Volunteer Orientation Guide.

Please review our current classroom needs for more details, or email volunteer@theplf.org to share your volunteering ideas!


Our schedule is open and first-come, first-served except for the following dates:

April (Khmer New Year), Mid-October – Mid-November (Opening Day and School Uniforms and Supplies Distributions), Late December (Staff Holidays).


There is no fee associated with our volunteer program.  The costs to you are those necessary for basic living needs while in Siem Reap (accommodation, meals, etc), transportation to/from school, and traveler’s insurance. We require all volunteers to have traveler’s insurance that includes medical evacuation while volunteering with us.

Please read more about volunteer costs here. 


  • a 2 week minimum commitment
  • to prepare for your daily classroom activities prior to arriving
  • to be at least 18 years old (or accompanied by an adult)
  • to agree to our:

Contract with Visitors and Volunteers
Child Protection Policy

Background Check Requirement: We require a background check for all volunteers from your respective country of nationality or residency. Pending the acceptance of your application, our Operations Director will contact you to advise you on the steps that you need to take to comply with this requirement.





We know you don’t want your volunteering to take away financially from our focus on our students, so we encourage volunteers to cover the costs of materials involved in their activities, any planned excursions, snacks and whatever else you might want to do with your students.

There is no requirement to raise funds before coming, but any expenses for your time volunteering should be covered by you, and this is a great way to let your networks help you do it.



You can use Razoo to build a simple fundraising page you can share with your family and friends through email or social media. Donations come directly to the organization and Razoo notifies you when they are made.


People will love to support you once they know what you’re heading off to do~!

For more helpful tips on how to fundraise, check out our fundraising toolkit.






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